First there was the croissnut, then there was the doughsant and now Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park has created the Broissant. What is a Broissant? It is a combination of a doughnut and a croissant. It is shaped like a doughnut, but light and flaky like a croissant. Add amazing toppings like Dark Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Nutter Butter & Milk Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry Puree & Powdered Sugar, and Ceylon Cinnamon & Cane Sugar and you have a delicious, scrumptious dessert.

We were recently invited to a taste test at Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park where they graciously allowed us to sample these amazing creations. My personal favorite was the Dark Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt and the Peanut Butter Nutter Butter & Milk Chocolate Ganache. Peterbrooke core product is hand-made gourmet chocolate so of course, the ones I liked best would be the ones covered in chocolate! Other people in the group preferred the Strawberry Puree & Powdered Sugar and the Cinnamon & Cane Sugar. It really depends on your personal taste. I can say one thing – all of them were quite good.

If you haven’t tried the broissant, you need to make a trip to Park Avenue for some of these wonderful desserts. Peterbrooke also serves their signature hand-made gourmet chocolates which are freshly made in their store as well as authentic gelato. Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park is located 300 S. Park Ave., Winter Park.