As part of the effort to explore tiered ticketing prices, Disney has created a crowd calendar showing Gold (busiest), Silver (not as busy) and Bronze (slowest) times of the year.  I have seen many crowd calendars, but have not seen one from Disney so I thought this was worth posting because I believe it to bet the most accurate.

If you’re concerned about the crowd levels during your visit to Disney, this should help you make decisions on what time of year to visits as well as what parts you should visit on what days.

I’ve been going to Disney since it opened and I have never seen it so busy.  Even on the ‘slowest’ days of the year, it seems packed to me.  Luckily we have annual passes that allow us to visit whenever we want so if it’s too crowded, we will leave and return another day.  However, those visiting our beautiful city are not so fortunate so hoping this will help with the planning.


WDW Crowd Calendar