Disney sent out a survey asking questions about whether guests would pay more for peak days


Visitors to Disneyland and Disney World may find themselves paying more for entry to the parks on peak days during the summer, spring break and Christmas time. Disney has created a crowd calendar to show when it is busiest, not so busies and slowest.  Ticket prices would be based on the crowd calendar.

Walt Disney Co. sent out surveys to annual pass holders asking questions that suggest it is considering this change, gauging how they would react to a tiered pricing system. In Disney World, the current rate of $105 for ages 10 and up for the Magic Kingdom might remain an option while the most expensive days might cost $125.  Other parks would cost between $97 – $115 per day, depending on the crowd level.   Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Gold tickets are valid any day of the year.
  • Silver tickets are valid most days of the year except for peak and holiday weeks.
  • Bronze tickets are valid only during off-peak weekdays.
  • Multi-day tickets crossing two or more seasons must be purchased at the highest season’s price.
  • Guests visiting on a day that is currently blocked out on their ticket can upgrade to a higher-season ticket.

The biggest issue I see with this is that is someone is coming for a 7 days visit and the first 6 days are silver, but that last day is a gold day then they would need to pay Gold ticket prices for all 7 days.  Hopefully, people would be able to get around this scenario by shifting their trip by a day.

It remains to be seen whether this is just a concept or something Disney is considering rolling out int he hear future.