IMG_9783Star Spangled Sanford on the Riverwalk in Sanford was the place to be!  The event ran from 5-10pm on July 4th on the Riverwalk and was filled with plenty of fun for all, including delicious food, live music, then an amazing fireworks display.

Upon arrival at the festivities, there was plenty of available parking, for a reasonable rate of $5.  Families had arrived early, with plenty of time to spare, toting fishing poles for the vast amount of fishing available on Lake Monroe.  Young and old alike were catching a variety of bass, catfish and bluegill…. enough to fill a freezer for sure!

Others arrived early enough with lawn chairs, blankets and coolers to mark their spot on the miles of grassy area in which to have a perfect spot to view the fireworks displayed over the water, in which spaces were aplenty.

Walking further down Riverwalk, food trucks and tents were encountered, which included all sorts of fare.  Boiled Peanuts.  Ice cream that is classically churned.  Gyros with tomatoes, lettuce and tzatziki sauce.  Italian Sausage and Peppers.  Greek Salad.  Cotton candy.  Hot dogs.  Corn dogs.  Funnel cakes topped with piles of powdered sugar.  Beer and wine.  Is your mouth watering yet?

While waiting for nighttime to arrive for the fireworks display, we were entertained with live music by the band The Fine Line, which covered classics from the 1970’s-1990’s.  Adjacent to the stage is a park filled with playground equipment for all ages, a IMG_9775water feature area and the basketball courts were filled with players attempting to defeat their opponents.   Children in bathing suits squealed with delight as they enjoyed the water feature attached to the park as they cooled off in Florida’s steamy hot weather.

As twilight quickly approached, the band Sanchez took center stage and played classics, much to the enjoyment of the singing, dancing crowd of revelers.  Soon after, a countdown over the loud speaker was given for the fireworks display….10…..9…..8…………………Happy 4th of July!!!!!  The explosions of color and sound began in the sky.  Smaller fireworks began the display, and then suddenly whirling, twirling displays of colors stole the night, with a beautiful reflection upon the lake.  Oohs and Ahhs filled the night air for a beautiful 30-minute display of lights and booms.

Suddenly, the Grand Finale was upon us, young children’s eyes were wide with wonder and delight as they watched the firecrackers burst into colors of red, white and blue as “I’m Proud to be an American” blared from the speakers and clapping sounds filled the night air with a salute to our Troops.

The night ended with smiles upon all faces and parents carrying their sleepy children back to their cars to return home.  Star Spangled Sanford is a Fourth of July night to be enjoyed by all.