The next time you’re trying to decide on somewhere to go for breakfast Sunday morning or lunch with your coworkers during the week Keke’s Breakfast Café should be top of your list. Last month a couple of friends and I decided to start meeting for breakfast at Keke’s one day a week, and it’s been a social and gastronomical delight ever since. The food itself is definitely something to write home and tell the folks about, and the atmosphere of the place adds even more to its cozy charm and culinary charisma.

My friends and I frequent the Keke’s located in Winter Park, and every time I step into the “city style yet country” diner I feel a sense of relaxation and I can almost taste the rich yet subtle scents of coffee whirling through the air from their pots in the kitchen. Normally I find diner coffee a bit disgusting. Most of the “Mom and Pop” type diners that I like have excellent food, but tend to go on the cheap end with their coffee. I prefer something rich with a bold flavor, not brown water. Keke’s, however, always has amazing coffee. I don’t know what’s in it, but it tastes like something you could get at a gourmet coffee shop, and it’s at a third of the price. Score one for Keke’s.

After I’ve gotten my coffee buzz a whirring, I pour over their extensive menu and set about the task of choosing what I will order this week! I know many people go to restaurants and order the same thing or same grouping of things every time. I do not prefer that method of dining out. No matter what restaurant I go to I order a different menu item every time I visit. The great thing about Keke’s is I could spend a year ordering something different each week and still have more on the menu to try. They leave nothing to be desired and there are menu items to satisfy the pickiest palates. They have an array of vegetarian options and plenty of the good stuff (like bacon and smoked sausage) for us avid meat lovers.


This past week my chosen meal was the two egg breakfast wrap. These wraps are made to order with two fresh eggs as well as your choice of three different vegetables and your choice of cheese. The meal comes with their perfectly cooked home fries and it’ll cost you a whopping $7.49. If you like meats with your breakfast you can add bacon, sausage or ham for just $1.49 more. The portions are good sized and you definitely get a decent bang for your few bucks. My wrap was exceptionally delicious and I do plan on ordering it again, although not too soon as I have numerous other menu items to try out.

If you tend to have a sweeter tooth in the mornings I would suggest any of their stuffed French toast. I love the raspberry stuffed French toast the most. They also have great pancakes and waffles that you can get made to order with an array of toppings. I love the chocolate chip and banana pancakes the best.

If lunch is more your tempo, then Keke’s still has you covered there. I suggest the portabella Panini or the grilled Buffalo chicken wrap. There are a ton of other mouthwatering options on their lunch menu, but I haven’t gotten around to trying those yet. Give me a few more weeks.

Overall, I say Keke’s Breakfast café serves up gourmet style food at very affordable prices in an atmosphere that starts your day on a positive and relaxed note. It’s a great place to take family, friends, and coworkers, or even out of town guests. Everything is good to the last drop and by the time you leave you’ll already be planning a return trip.

Keke’s Breakfast Café has numerous locations in Orlando and Central Florida. For a list of locations, hours of operation and to check out their menus visit