Dragonfly Robata and Dragonfly Sushi has released their Spring Omakase menus.  Omakase –  Japanese  for “ trust” – encourages  guests to select a mood and an ingredient. Once chosen, they are asked to trust the chef and/or bartender to craft a dish or drink based on their taste profiles.

I have been to Dragonfly many times, but I always order the same thing so I was excited to see how the Omakase menu would work. and to ‘force’ me to try something different.  Anything you order at Dragonfly is amazing, so I knew sampling the ‘chef’s sections’ would be a wonderful experience.

We started our journey with several cocktails.  I tried the Nigori Coconut which consisted of Nigori Coconut rum and pineapple.  It tasted like paradise.

DragonFly Sushi

Nigori Coconut

Our first course was the Hokkaido Scallops which included a garlic-jalapeno sauce and carrot & daikon salad. The scallops had a wonderful sear and the jalapeno sauce was just enough to give it flavor without making it too spicy.

DragonFly Sushi

Hokkaido Scallops

Next, we had Snake River Farm Waguy beef with shemiji mushroom, radish, marachino cherries, yuzu truffle butter, cripsy garlic and scallions.  Beef was tender and flavorful.

DragonFly Sushi

Snake River Farm Wagyu

Probably my favorite dish was the Chilean Sea Bass with miso karashi, eringi puree, heirloom carrots and honey soy.  It was absolutely delicious!  I could have eat just this for my meal, but we still had a few other things to try.

DragonFly Sushi

Chilean Sea Bass

Next up was the Composed Nigiri with Loch Duart salmon, Big Eye tuna and yellowtail.  Pretty traditional nigiri, but very fresh as I have come to expert at Dragonfly.

DragonFly Sushi

Composed Nigiri

Probably the most interesting dish of the night was the Chawanmushi which is a savory egg custard and shrimp.  It has the texture of a custard, but with shrimp.  It was very good.

DragonFly Sushi


No meal would be complete at Dragonfly without a sushi roll.  We had the Cobra Kai Roll with now crab delight, red onion, tomato, tempura flakes & lemon slices.  It was topped with Loch Duart salmon and finished with a garlic-shiso pesto & aged balsamic.

DragonFly Sushi

Cobra Kai Roll

The final course of the night was Chocolate Pot de Creme with strawberry jam, lychee ice cream and walnut biscotti.  It was the perfect finish to the meal.

DragonFly Sushi

Chocolate Pot de Creme

If you’re a little adventurous and want to try some amazing food, you should consider one of the Dragonfly Omakase menus.