It all started with a love of beer and a desire to learn how to brew it. Last January Winter Park local, David Brunson, began brewing beer in his backyard. A CPA by trade, Brunson made the promise to get himself out of the office and into his passion. He committed to brewing at least once a week and within 9 months was able to turn his weekly backyard brewing into a full on business, which he dubbed Taps from Scratch.

As Taps from Scratch, located on East Winter Park Road, nears its one year anniversary, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brunson as he reflects on the metamorphosis of his business. Since TFS opened its doors last September the idea has been to allow the demographics of the community to form the business.

“I want the people who come here to feel like they’re a part of this place; like they are a part of making it what it is,” says Brunson.

He has definitely succeeded in making the local community a part of Taps from Scratch. Everything in this unique space from the decorations down to the ornately designed ceiling tiles has been created by Brunson’s own customers and clients. He also offers free facility tours and brewing education where customers can craft their own beers that will be featured in one of the 13 homemade taps available. In addition, all art work that adorns the walls in every room is created by local artists and is on sale to anyone who visits. Brunson hopes to give local artists, musicians and creators a place to not only showcase their works and talents, but have a home for them.

The main idea behind TFS is Beer. Arts. Music. Brunson has sought to create an environment where any and all can perform and create while expressing themselves in an artistic way they may never have tapped into before. Those who visit Taps from Scratch can enjoy art classes, live music and unique beer tastings that you won’t find anywhere else in Orlando.

The minute you walk through the front door you can tell that this place is nothing like your run of the mill bar. In fact, there’s no bar at all. The front room has been converted into a unique music space with drums, microphones, guitars and a piano. Anyone is welcome to perform and it’s a great space for musical groups to practice with an audience. There are four private rooms where people can lounge while socializing and tasting the various beers on tap. There is also a full service art studio in the back where classes are held. A brew room is dedicated solely to making beer and teaching those who want to learn.

Brunson is a true artist, inventor and innovator in his own right, crafting a vast number of original beers and hard sodas. With Taps from Scratch he offers something unique that people will want to stumble upon. His ultimate goal is to turn this location into a member’s only style beer club and open up locations in various cities across the country. He wants an exclusive tap room and lounge where members can come and not only feel connected to the place itself, but feel a sense of class and sophistication that you wouldn’t get from anywhere else.

The future looks bright for David Brunson as he aims to grow his business and create his own brewing company right here in Winter Park. His golden rule is this: “Give a man a beer and he drinks for a day, but teach a man to brew and he drinks for a lifetime.”

Some information on Taps from Scratch:

Address: 1809 E Winter Park Road, Orlando 32803

Phone Number: 407-673-0553, Call or stop in for membership information

Facebook Page:

Hours of Operation: Everyday; 4pm-until