Crescent Lake Pub Crawl

I have been a member of DizMeet on for several months (maybe longer), but have never attended an event.  When I saw that they were doing a Crescent Lake Pub Crawl I thought it sounded like a great way to get to know some of the folks and looked like a lot of fun.  The Crescent Lake Pub Crawl takes on place on Crescent Lake at Disney’s Boardwalk.  The idea is to visit several bars around the lake, stopping at each for a drink or two….or more.

Disney Boardwalk

We started our journey at Belle Vue Lounge at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.   The Belle Vue Lounge is a quaint 1930s-style sitting room where radios play programs from the era so I thought it was a great place for us all to meet because it was small, not too crowded and easy to spot those to were participating in the pub crawl.  When we first got there, we were greeted by the organizer, Mark and his wife. We also met about 30 other people, most of whom I cannot remember their names (yea, I’m terrible with names).  Many of the people lived in the central Florida area, but there were a few from other places around Florida including several from the St. Pete / Tampa area.  We ordered several drinks at Belle Vue Lounge and mingled with the group of 30 people.

Disney Boardwalk

Our next stop Martha’s Vineyard at Disney’s Yacht Club ResortMartha’s Vineyard, as the name implies, is a New England beach house inspired lounge.  We had several drinks at this bar, mingled with each other, and my husband and I enjoyed several appetizers.

Disney Boardwalk




Our last an final stop was at Kimonos restaurant and lounge at The Swan and Dolphin Resorts.  This place was voted top restaurant for sushi by the Orlando Sentinel readers.  The décor and food is that of an authentic Japanese sushi bar. What better entertainment at a Japanese themed bar & restaurant than karoke.  Of course, several in our group participated in the karako and we all had a great time singing along with those doing karoke.

Disney Boardwalk


I give the night five stars.  Sometimes when you attend Meetups, the group is not very welcoming, but everyone in this group was very friendly and outgoing.  We felt right at home ever though it was our first time and we knew no one.  We will definitely be joining this group of Disney fanatics again.  Love being around people who have the same passion for ‘all things Disney’ as I do.