Publix Christmas Commercial 2013

Once again, Publix has created a wonderful Christmas commercial.  They have a very unique way reaching your emotions via their commercials.

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  1. I’m not sure if it makes me cry more because it reminds me of my relationship with my grandfather when I was that age, or because it reminds me of my daughter and my father…Publix gets me every time!

  2. Publix commercials are always fantastic.
    I may not shop there but still they have the best commercials and would rather watch the commercial than any other one after a tv show goes off.

  3. I love the commercial with the cookies and Grampa, but who is the man playing Grampa his name. Very good touches your heart

  4. It is because of this commercial and others Publix has made in the past that I have always been a Publx shopper and will always be one. Their trademark ad “where shopping is a pleasure” is more than mere words. It is way of life. I look forward to shopping and take my time in their stores. Publix shoppers are always nice and friendly. Their employees are the best! Long live Publix! P.S. This commercial is one of the finest Publix has ever produced.

  5. Thank you Publix for such heartwarming commercials. The Christmas Season is very special to me and I look forward to your commercials every year. I particularly want to say a special Thank You for still saying “Merry Christmas” while most others only say “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”. I literally jumped up and thanked your commercial for bringing back Happy and warm “Christmas” feelings. Job well done once again. Merry Christmas!

  6. The Little girl’s name is Abby and she is quickly becoming a first rate actress. Her Mom & Dad are also successful Hollywood actors with loads of screen credits between them. They are also natives of Florida. We who know Abby are so proud of her because the little girl you see in the Publix commercial is the same little girl we know in real life.

    • Heartwarming commercial. I see someone knows the little girl in the commercial as Abby. Is there a last name and\or agent\Parental contact for Abby? We’d very much like to contact her in the future regarding a film project that is in the writing stage now?

  7. The Publix 2013 commercial is so emotional, I have a great nephew that is a special needs, and my oldest sister was so touched by this wishing he could say he loves her Grandma, she said she cried every time she saw the commercial , but it was a good.cry. Great Publix commercial , which they always have the best. Thank you Publix for such a touching and caring for family commercial, and saying Merry Christmas at the end. Love Publix !

  8. Just curious, I’m the only one who believes the parents thinks the daughter is baking cookies for Santa. Then they are pleasantly surprised when she has baked them for grandpa

  9. That little girl is fantastic! She will go a long way. Toyota needs to find someone like her for their ads. The motor-mouth female in their ads is is terrible

  10. It’s not Christmas time until I see this Publix commercial. I was hoping it would air again this year. PLEASE – air it every year. It is just about the only commercial I will run from one room to the other when I hear it!

  11. This is The Best Commercial I have seen in a Long time Does anyone Know who the Little Girl is? Does she do other Commercials Also?

  12. I absolutely love this commercial and the little girl. You really believe that is her grandpa and she loves him so much! I hope she does more commercials . Believe me, based on this, if there was a Publix near by I would shop there now.